Thursday, May 04, 2006

Another Request for Antique Tub Information

Dear Gentle Readers,

As you are all aware, we try to answer every email we can. When we get an interesting question, we post it. Today's question comes from Brenda M:

Good evening Allan

This is a new subject for me. My brother just requested that I do some research on his claw-footed bathtub.

The bottom is marked
Made in USA
9 Standard 5 1/2
S.W. 1912 S

June 25, and something that resembles a child's picture of the sun is also on the bottom.

Can you give us some direction on determining a value for this tub?

Brenda, you have an American Standard / Standard Sanitary 5.5' roll rim clawfoot tub that was produced on 25 June 1912. Assuming the tub porcelain is in good condition and all four feet attach properly to the tub, my guess is that it is worth $100 or so. You can find more information on how to appraise your tub and how to sell it here.

Thanks for the question.