Monday, December 26, 2005

The Googleshank Redemption: The Aftermath

I hope everyone has had (or is still having) a great holiday season. I had a wonderful Christmas. My 2 year-old nephew was thrilled by the whole Santa thing, my son was in from out of town, my wife was cooking up a culinary storm, and my staff even got me the Rolling Stones Rock n' Roll Circus for Christmas (a great concert if you have never seen it - highly recommended). The Stones rule.

OK, back to the Googleshank Redemption. Let me start off by thanking everyone who took the time to write me personally or post on the blog. I appreciate your thoughts and comments.

In case you were wondering how Google would react to all of this, let me assure you that Vintage Tub and Bath is still listed in the Google index. Whew!


Seriously, Matt Cutts and I have been corresponding and things are looking much better. Thank you Matt - I sincerely appreciate your help.