Monday, November 28, 2005

The All-In-One SinkToilet - What will they think of next?

OK kids - here is another bathroom oddity for your consideration. I present the combination Sink & Toilet!

One of my staffers sent me this picture from the Searching For Zen blog:

My interest sparked, I went searching for more examples and found more info and discussion on the Beyond Brilliance Site.

There seems to be a difference of opinion on these sites as to the beauty and need for this type of toilet. The Searching for Zen blog did not like the idea; Beyond Brilliance loved it. I will let you, humble reader, form your own opinion on the combination sink and toilet idea. I just report - you decide.

A quick search did not reveal any commercial sources for these toilets. Anyone out there have any ideas where folks could find this toilet?

7 APRIL 2006 UPDATE: A loyal reader of the Daily Tubber has found a source for the toilet and sink combo. Take a look at Real Goods - they have a conversion kit that fits most existing toilets! Tell 'em Vintage Tub and Bath sent you!