Monday, August 01, 2005

Peace, Love and Chocolate

I had a few possible topics for today's post, but a phrase I just saw caught my eye. "Peace, Love and Chocolate" appears at the bottom of an e-mail order confirmation I received from John D. at Vosges Haut Chocolates. I've been meaning to spread the word about these guys and so I shall in my own little way.

I discovered Vosges while walking through a shopping mall in Chicago. I was looking for Christmas gifts for my wife and noticed a good shopping omen - a long line of women crowded around a tiny store. As I got closer, my confidence grew - it was a chocolate store. After I fought my way inside, I knew I had a winner. The chocolates were stunning and unusually good. The flavor combinations aren't super-sweet like most American chocolates - rather the culinary alchemists at Vosges blend exotic ingredients from all over the world, such as wasabi, ancho chili powder, and Indian curry to get their unbelievable flavors. These are chocolates to be savored, not inhaled.

There are a lot of expensive chocolates out there, but few are really worth it. Vosges is without question, worth the cost. Vintage Tub and I both use Vosges as a gift of choice when making an impression matters. Another bonus is their customer service is top-flight. I've ordered about six times and have always been treated with professionalism and courtesy. John D., if I recall correctly, had no problem sending chocolates all over the place when I ordered last week and then changing the address on one of the orders this morning. When it comes to chocolate, these guys rule.

“Peace, Love and Chocolate” – we could all use a lot more of all three.