Friday, August 19, 2005

Installing a Curved Shower Rod on a Curved Wall

During my latest bathroom “upgrade” my wife and I decided to install one of the Curved Shower Rods we sell here at Vintage Tub. Installation is usually quite simple – remove old shower rod, patch and paint area where old rod was screwed into wall (if necessary) and install new curved rod. Simple. However, what do you do if - as in our case – your walls are curved themselves? Yul Brynner, as the King of Siam in "The King and I," put it best: "Tis a puzzlement!"

The set up:

First I had to remove the old shower rod and patch the mounting holes left in the wall. The original rod cut into the bath tile so I had to replace the damaged tile as well. After I sanded the patch and replaced the tile, I got to work on the curved shower rod.

Now, curved shower rods generally don’t mount where the old shower rod used to be. Rather, you drill the mounting holes three or so inches back (towards the shower wall) from the original straight rod mounting holes. The dashed lines in the image below show where a straight rod would be relative to a curved rod. This change of mounting location keeps the curved shower rod from extending too far into the bathroom as well as tucking the ends of the shower curtain in (reducing the amount of water spray on your walls and floor).

The challenge now was to mount the curved rod to my curved wall / ceiling (shown finished below):

The Solution:

First, I placed a set of washers behind the mounting bracket to level the unit. Then I secured these washers with the lower mounting bracket screw:

Next, I filled- in the unsightly gap created by the washers with Spackling Paste and taped off the chrome mounting bracket in preparation for priming and painting:

Next came the priming (two coats) and painting (two coats). The finished result (taa-da!):

Not too shabby if I say so myself. Now I shower in style!