Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Eagles Mere Gallery of Art / Worlds End State Park

In the spirit of sharing that which I find interesting, I thought I would turn my readers on to a little road trip Deb and I took a few weeks ago to Eagles Mere, PA – a tiny little resort town in north-east PA littered with fantastic old Victorian homes, little shops, and great outdoor activities.

While there I saw this classic car parked outside of an attractive garage:

Anyway, the purpose of this trip was two fold: to visit a friend who opened an art gallery and do some hiking at World’s End State Park. The friend, Rich Mills, has a reputation for crafting excellent wooden picture frames:

I am not quite certain what spark ultimately caused the flame (although I suspect it was his girlfriend Crystal), but Rich exploded in a frenzy of activity last year and opened his own art gallery:

What a job he and Crystal did. The Eagles Mere Gallery of Art has been a hit and Rich is already planning to expand the business. Now, I am not the biggest art gallery fan in the world. I either like a work of art or, more often than not, don’t. In this case, I really liked it. Rich and Crystal have a good eye when it comes to what artists they will put into their gallery and keep the crap to a minimum. So if you need a pottery / painting / sculpture fix, contact Rich at the Gallery (570.458.6756). He is very friendly and knowledgeable about what Eagles Mere has to offer.

After Eagles Mere, Deb and I headed out to Worlds End State Park for some hiking.

Although technically not actually at the end of the world (or if it was we missed it), Worlds End State Park is nestled in the canyon created by the Loyalsock Creek. After an hour of moderate hiking through some nice forested trails,

we got to the Canyon Vista and were rewarded with this stunning view:

Hawks were flying in the distance and you could spot fishermen in the creek below. Although Worlds End is a small park – it only has about 20 miles of trails - it is actually surrounded on three sides by the Wyoming State Forest which makes it seem a lot bigger.

All in all, Eagles Mere and Worlds End were well worth the trip. Allan and Deb give it “Two Thumbs Up”!

Tomorrow: Installing a curved shower rod in a curved bathroom.