Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Discount and Wholesale Clawfoot Tubs

One question we're asked quite frequently is, do we discount or wholesale our clawfoot tubs? The answer is sort of. Let’s start by explaining the difference between a retail, discount and wholesale clawfoot tub. A retail clawfoot tub is a tub selling at our normal selling price. Remember that our normal price is usually the best on the web.  We have a solid best price guarantee!  
Clawfoot Tub

A discounted clawfoot tub is a standard tub with one of the following conditions:

  1. If we're overstocked in a specific model. We'll discount that claw foot tub when we want to reduce our standing inventory.
  2. We have a display or floor model. Every now and then we sell off our display and photography models to change out our showroom.
  3. Tubs with very minor blemishes, also known as a near perfect clawfoot tubs. These tubs have very minor blemishes and we discount the tub price accordingly. Just to be clear, we scrap any clawfoot tubs we receive that have more than a slight blemish or are not sanitary. We'd rather trash a questionable tub than have it fail on you years from now.