Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Discount and Wholesale Clawfoot Tubs

One question we get asked is: “do we discount or wholesale our clawfoot tubs?” The answer is “sort of”. Let’s start by explaining the difference between a retail, discount and wholesale clawfoot tub. A “retail clawfoot tub” is a tub selling at our normal selling price. Remember that our “normal” price is usually the best on the web (we have a solid Best Price Guarantee) and is a lot more tub for a lot less money than was available just five years ago.

A “discounted clawfoot tub”, in our world, is a standard tub with one of the following conditions:

1) We are overstocked in a specific model. We will discount that claw foot tub when we want to reduce our standing inventory.
2) We have a “display” or “floor” model. Every now and then we sell off our display and photography models to change out our showroom.
3) Tubs with VERY minor blemishes (also known as a “near perfect” clawfoot tubs - see image below). These tubs have very minor blemishes and we discount the tub price accordingly. Just to be clear: we scrap any clawfoot tubs we receive that have more than a slight blemish or are not sanitary (the porcelain does not fully cover all of the cast iron in the bathing area). We would rather trash a questionable tub than have it fail on you years from now.

Discount Clawfoot Tub

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Wholesale clawfoot tubs” is really a misnomer. It is more appropriate to say we are able to offer larger discounts to huge purchasers (single or multiple shipping containers at a time). A large hotel or B&B chain would be an example of a “wholesale clawfoot tub purchaser.” I mention “wholesale” only because “wholesale” is often incorrectly interchanged with “discount”. See, all clear now.