Friday, July 29, 2005

Legos + Clawfoot Tub + Skill = Art.

I love Legos. They are, without a doubt, one of the greatest toys ever designed. When I was a kid, the only toy I wanted to play with were Legos. Now, as an adult, I have to leave my childhood toys behind (in a 50 gallon drum in my basement - yes, I have a lot of Legos). This is not the case for Jonathan Eric Hunter. Mr. Hunter is an official Lego Master Model Builder (my secret dream job) who built this clawfoot tub:

What I love is that he got the details down extremely well. The faucet, feet and drain are all very well done. His other models are even more interesting (the mountain top castle is particularly nice).

So, if you now find yourself in need of a Lego fix, I suggest you click on over to the Official Lego Store and get to work. Go on - "personal life coaches" and pop-psychologists are always telling everyone to "tap into your inner child." I agree. Take the $100 professional fee you would have wasted on an hour with a coach and buy the Lego Enzo Ferarri racer. Think of it as a little "retail therapy" for guys. Sweeeeeeeet.