Thursday, July 28, 2005

House Made! Another All-Killer, No-Filler Blog

I have been on a bender for the past few days attempting to find really interesting home-improvement blogs. I am trying to make the authors of these blogs an offer they can't refuse: I will swap them free stuff in exchange for their honest comments on our products and service. I figure I might as well ask those that are good at expressing themselves to talk about our stuff.

I am also in the middle of renovating my bathroom and my misery needs company.

Anyway, in my searching I found House Made and just stopped cold. Merideth and Beth are renovating their 1922 Spanish bungalow in Oakland, CA and they are sharing their adventures with the world. The site looks great and the writing is top-rate (the ode to their new gate is indicative of their tongue-in-cheek style). I also love their clever use of Flickr (a program that lets you highlight and add notes to images). Their latest post shows why folks with no taste should be prohibited from changing the exteriors of their homes. Vinyl siding on a stucco bungalow is an architectural crime of the first-order. Oh, my eyes!