Monday, July 11, 2005

The Bathroom as Shrine

Good morning faithful readers! We're going to start the week off on a lighter note. Here, for your consideration, is the "bathroom as shrine" as interpreted by Dave Nalle. The staff at the Daily Tubber will not hold it against Dave that the room is not, technically speaking, a bathroom (as it lacks the all-important bathtub ). We understand Dave had limited space to work with and, as Dave himself puts it: "since I built it primarily for my use, I'm not about to call it (a Powder Room). I knew it was going to end up being my personal bathroom as soon as the project started, because I could tell how eager my wife was to have the enormous master bathroom mostly to herself as her endless array of bottles and tubes of strange chemicals immediately began to creep over and surround what had been my sink."

Forced out of his own master bath, Dave had to take drastic action and build another bathroom. We feel your pain, brother - tell us more.

"Since it was going to be my bathroom I wanted it to look like a place I would enjoy, more like a library than a mere bathroom. With a house full of young girls I also wanted it to be a somewhat masculine, adult-friendly spot." Dave accomplished his goal by finishing "the entire interior in wood, with green painted dolly madison wainscoting, natural birch panels on the walls and white painted birch on the ceiling, with the floor in rust-colored saltillo tile."

To cap it all off, Dave added a magnificent wood door with stained glass.

Hats off to Dave Nalle for boldly building a masculine bathroom retreat!

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