Monday, June 06, 2005

Sources for Antique Tubs

Although Vintage Tub and Bath no longer sells refinished antique tubs, we can point you in the right direction. Incidentally, we stopped selling the refinished tubs because the price of a new tub has become so inexpensive and because refinished tubs just don't hold up well to daily use. Example: our most popular tub, the 5' classic clawfoot tub, is only $1,145 with shipping included as well as a lifetime limited warranty.

However, if you just have to have a real antique tub, you can start looking at your local antique dealers. Architectural salvage yards are another great source. Check out our comprehensive salvage yard list for a yard near you. SalvageWeb is a neat site that helps homeowners and businesses search the worldwide architectural salvage market.

Hope this helps you find the antique clawfoot tub of your dreams. Remember, you can still get your faucets and fixtures at Vintage Tub and Bath. More later.