Thursday, June 23, 2005

Claw Foot Bathtub Oddities - Part 1

Your Honor, if it may please the court – Vintage Tub and Bath would like to offer into evidence four examples of the mischief that occurs when you mix claw foot bathtubs with people who have too much time on their hands. I will limit this post to photos that show the all-purpose claw foot bathtub in its transportation role.

Exhibit A: The claw foot bathtub as a kayak.

These stills, which have the same general photo quality as a run-of-the-mill grainy Bigfoot image (Source:, show a man using a claw foot bathtub (?) as an improvised kayak on Oregon’s Rogue River. How they actually got the tub to stay afloat while running a set of rapids is beyond me but they did. Amazing.

Exhibit B: The claw foot bathtub as motorcycle?

The fine folks at have a nice image of two adventurous souls driving a claw foot bathtub chopper. We are not certain if this an actual motorcycle or just an oversized go-cart. In any event, you gotta love those custom painted flames!

Exhibit C: The claw foot bathtub as an automobile.

This is the best example of the marriage between the internal combustion engine and claw foot bathtub I can find. The photo says it all – wow!

Show Busters Stars and Cars built this over-the-top wonder. They also build cars for Hollywood movies. Check out other examples of their custom-built cars here.

Tomorrow: the claw foot bathtub as musical instrument, meditation device, and garden sculpture.