Monday, June 13, 2005

The $40.50 J. L. Mott Clawfoot Tub

Vintage Tub & Bath has a lot of period plumbing brochures that we used for reference when we were still selling antique tubs. One of those brochures came from The J. L. Mott Iron Works - one of the finest manufacturers of sanitary ware in the US. I thought it might be interesting to show you their 5' "Layton" clawfoot tub from their 1914 catalog:

The tub - with painted exterior, faucet, drain, and supply lines - sold for $40.50. Today, we sell the comparable set of tub and fixtures for $1,458. Sound expensive? As a point of comparison, the average house in 1914 (Morristown, NJ) was $4,000. Today, a home in Morristown goes for $342,000. All of a sudden, the tub looks like a bargain. Gotta love inflation! Until next time . . .