Monday, May 19, 2014

Vintage Tub Welcomes Avanity Vanities!

The Vanity is such an integral part of the bathroom design, and yet, most of us probably take it for granted.  You get up, brush your teeth, and groom without giving the Vanity Sink a second thought.  But close your eyes and imagine if you came home one day and it was just gone.  Your morning routine would probably not go as smoothly.  Who knows what your hair would look like!

Luckily, most of us will never have to worry about a vanity thief sneaking into our house and whisking away this important piece of bathroom furniture.  But now that you have seen what your Vanity-less life looks like, you will probably appreciate the role that it plays in your daily life.
Avanity is the most recent vanity brand that we have added to our site. Avanity offers a large assortment of high quality Vanity designs, sure to fit any style. These designs feature: Contemporary, Transitional, Americana and Traditional. 

Avanity Bath Furniture also comes in a variety of sizes: from small 24 inch Single Bowl Vanities, for little spaces, up to 72 inch Double Bowl Vanities for spacious bathrooms. 

With so many choices, you will be sure to find the perfect vanity for your space.  Trust us; your morning routine will thank you!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Belle Foret- The Bathroom Revamp of your Dreams!


Still didn’t fix that leaky bathtub faucet? And how long has your sink had that surface chip? With all the other chaos in your life, you deserve a functional and stylish bathroom!

Lucky for you, Belle Foret makes bathroom revamping easy and affordable.

Their faucets are available in many styles and finishes which allow you to add your own unique personal touch to your sink or tub, without compromising price.

And wow, how about their vanities! That elegant, single basin vanity would be the centerpiece of the entire bathroom.

Tis the season to get the bathroom you have always dreamed of! Check out our entire stock of Belle Foret bathroom pieces here and don’t be afraid to add a big item to your Christmas stocking this year!

By: Jennifer Villa

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Clawfoot Tub Faucets - Complete the Look

Vintage Tub & Bath’s clawfoot tubs look fantastic, but what can be done to make them even better? Adding a perfectly matched faucet, of course! With a variety of styles to choose from, you can create the ideal aesthetics for your bathroom. First, you want to consider how you wish to have the faucet mounted.
There are three mounting styles that Vintage Tub & Bath suggests for any clawfoot tub. They are:

  • Deck Mounted: faucets that are attached directly to the deck or rim surrounding the bathtub 
  • Wall Mounted: faucets that are attached to either the wall of the bathtub or to the wall of the bathroom 
  •  Freestanding: faucets that hover above the bathtub and are supported by supply lines

Another key decision is what type of faucet style you prefer. Styles range from gooseneck to handshower, just to name a few. Personal tastes and convenience when designing your tub and faucet combination will determine what mounting and faucet style you choose. Once you have your dream bathroom in mind, the only thing left to envision is how relaxed you’ll be in your new amazing clawfoot tub complete with the perfect faucet!

By: Alexandra Bolinski 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Renovations Done Right


Tired of the lifeless look of your bathroom? Ready to add some excitement to your life with something unique? Worried that once your bathroom looks amazing, your bank account will be looking less than stellar? Well, you’re in luck because the worrying can stop now!

At Vintage Tub & Bath, we understand that you want the best deal when designing your dream bathroom, which is why we have created amazing tub packages just for you! With over 20 packages to choose from, you can certainly find the look you want all while saving a bundle.

In each package, you will receive a bathtub with a matching tub faucet or shower enclosure, drain, and supply lines. All of these items purchased separately would not only put a major bruise on your wallet, but would also give you a major headache trying to match each item for that perfect look. Vintage Tub & Bath takes away those major issues with ideal tub packages, leaving your mind at ease and your wallet full!